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440th Addition to the Fitness Center, Building #110; Client: 440th Airlift Wing
440th Alteration to the Communications Center, Building #102; Client: 440th Airlift Wing


TOKI_Logo 440th Addition to the Fitness Center, Building #110

Toki & Associates provided all the architectural and engineering services for the new addition to Building #110, the 440th Physical Fitness Center at General Mitchell International Airport

This addition more than doubled the size of the existing center and more importantly, connected Building #110 to Building #119, which housed the base hand ball courts. This addition allowed for more complex exercise equipment, plus provided the connection that combined all the fitness facilities into one building complex without traveling outdoors.

TOKI_Logo Alteration to the Communications Center Building #102  

Building #102 is the headquarters building for the 440th Airlift Wing, at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Inside the Communications Center is the most crucial and secure area of the Airlift Wing, as all strategic operations pass through that center. Maximum security is required.

All strategic operations pass through this crucial maximum security center of the Airlift Wing. Toki & Associates provided architectural and engineering services to reorganize and expand the existing Communications Area within Building 102 including separate HVAC systems and a special fire protection system to facilitate the computer generated communication system required on Air Force Bases. 

The upgraded complex security system was not only monitored physical intrusions, but also radio wave intrusion and retention.

TOKI_Logo 440th Upgrade Various Maintenance Areas, Building #217  

Building #217 at the 440th Airlift Wing, General Mitchell International Airport, is an aircraft maintenance building. Toki & Associates designed and produced contract documents for over $220,000.00 of renovation in this building including a new avionics room. This building houses various maintenance shops including a welding area. The project was completed in 2000 on time - on budget.

TOKI_Logo 440th Upgrade of Squadron Operations Building #209 

Toki & Associates provided the architectural and engineering services for the remodeling of the first floor and lower level of Building #209 and the entire lower level of Building #210.

These services included the moving of the large movable storage (“Space Saver”) units from Building #209 & #210. And the space planning renovation for both buildings. Toki not only provided the architectural services, but also provided the electrical plumbing and HVAC engineering services.

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