Roadway and Bridge Project Experience

Roadway and Bridge Design

STH 83 (STH 167 to Hartford), Washington County Client: WisDOT SE Region
USH 41/45 Bridge Replacement, Washington County Client: WisDOT SE Region


TOKI_Logo USH 41/45 Bridge Replacement, Washington County

Structure B-66-0003 on USH 41/45 over the Menomonee River and B-66-0016 on USH 41 NB over the Kohlsville River need to be replaced entirely because of the deteriorating sub-structures. The current structures will soon no longer be able to safely handle the continual loading from the traffic volumes. Full bridge replacement will allow current and future traffic volumes to safely cross the over the rivers. Toki & Associates is preparing the Environmental Document, Roadway Plans and PS&E Documents and working closely with WisDOT Bureau of Structures staff who are preparing the Structure Survey Reports and Structure Plans.

B-66-0003/4 over the Menomonee River is a single bridge on USH 41/45 handling both northbound and southbound traffic. The bridge is 140 feet wide and has a span of 26.7 feet. The original 2 bridges B-66-0003 and B-66-0004 were constructed in 1952 and joined together with additional structural construction in 1968.

B-66-0016 over the Kohlsville River is a single bridge on USH 41 handling only northbound traffic. The bridge structure is 44 feet wide and has a span of 31.5 feet. Bridge B-66-0016 was constructed in 1953 and overlaid in 1986 and1998.

TOKI_Logo STH83 - STH 167 to Hartford, Washington Country

Rehabilitation of STH 83 is required since the roadway can no longer be economically maintained. Toki & Associates prepared Environmental Document, Design Study Report, Exceptions to Standards Report, Preliminary and Final plans for this 4 mile rural rehabilitation project. Multi-modal improvements include a wider 5-foot paved shoulder and additional curb ramps as required by the Complete Streets initiative. Spot safety improvements include replacement of sub-standard beam guard located within an intersection radius and alongside a restaurant and cemetery.

TOKI_Logo STH 26, City of Jefferson, Jefferson County

Toki & Associates staff assisted GRAEF with the 3.0 km design for STH 26 (Main Street) reconstruction that added needed capacity, increased safety and replaced the old pavement for this urban roadway section. Toki and Associates was responsible for the topographic survey, roadway design, erosion control plan, cross-sections, earthwork analysis, construction cost estimate and specifications for this roadway plan. Toki staff also prepared the Environmental Document, Pavement Type Selection Report and Design Study Report.

TOKI_Logo Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee County

Toki & Associates assisted URS with street lighting, storm sewer design along with preliminary cross section and topographic survey services along this 3.5 mile urban divided arterial roadway reconstruction project. Lighting work included installing new decorative lighting enclosures and lighting contactors in optimum locations for proper connection to utility power; proper cable, conduit sizing and routing. The overall project included new HMA pavement, concrete sidewalk, pedestrian crossings, landscaping, signage, and intersection reconfiguration.

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