Hospital Project Experience


Dept. of Veteran Affairs Medical Center Projects:

  • Zablocki V.A. Hospital Patient Bathroom Remodel
  • Dept. of Veteran Affairs Medical Center Complete Remodeling of the Ninth Floor – East & West Wings
  • Wisconsin Veterans Home - Cook/Chill Facility

TOKI_Logo Zablocki V.A. Hospital - Patient Bathroom Remodel

Toki & Associates provided complete A/E services on this patient bathroom remodel project. Existing bathrooms dated back to the early sixties and had fallen in a state of disrepair. Finishes were worn and could no longer be kept clean by maintenance staff. All bathrooms were small and did not comply with current ADA standards and would need to be updated. Energy efficient fixtures were selected and installed to meet current standards. New finishes were provided to create a clean minimally maintenance intensive environment for staff.

TOKI_Logo VA Medical Center Remodel of the 9th Floor - East & West Wings

Toki & Associates provided complete A/E services on this complete remodel of the Ninth Floor Veterans Medical Center. This project employed a design sensitive approach to an existing environment that was out of date and institutional in character. Great attention was given to selecting tile, wall coverings and paint colors and moldings that erected a warmer relaxing environment for patients recovering from surgery. In addition to the design issues attention was also focused on providing the latest energy efficient fixtures arranged and mounted according to the current ADA standards of ANSI 117 requirements. In the end this project provided a space that has received continued praise from both staff and patients using the facilities.

TOKI_Logo Wisconsin Veterans Home - Cook/Chill Kitchen Facility

Provide a new kitchen facility, using the new cook/chill process of food preparation in 8,600 S.F. of existing Cottage 17 Building. This project includes state-of-the-art food service equipment (serving over 10,000 meals per week), office space, men’s and women’s toilets, a break room and individual lockers for employees.

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